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This is just an introduction and really a few words behind this small project. I recently visited this website after many months, and what came to my big surprise was that everything was gone, the whole magazine. Well, don’t know if they migrated the entire site to a different domain, but here we are. I registered it, and hopefully, we will get some decent content that the people will like. But for now, I will just post some of my thoughts, articles to fill up the empty space of the website and to make it a little bit entertaining at the same time.

I occasionally go visit the theater or some play in Ireland, and I think that the theater and acting have quite nice foundations in the Irish culture with the nice acceptance from the public. But this is not what I really do for the living, which I would like to talk about a little bit, if nobody mind.

It’s also the reason why I decided to pick up this once lost website, and put it back in order, kind of. Everything started about 5 years ago, when the tough times came in, and like many others, I had to find the other new way of how to make a very basic living. The computer was there to use, so instead of playing games or hang around on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I wanted to make sure that the time will worth it. Figure out how to make a website, then how to optimize it for the search engines (for free mostly), learn how to make more appealing content and make a lot of mistakes along the way. But I say that “the one has to be a little bit naive in a healthy way, otherwise, he/she wouldn’t even start it!”. And it’s true, if I knew 5 years ago what I would have to do and learn, I probably even wouldn’t start, and that’s the reality. Something called the comfort zone, and we all have it.

Anyway, at the moment, my little hobby is finding the old, once great sites, and bring them to the life again.It’s Not always working out, but why not to give a try, when we are in the business. This all proves that once you got an idea, to follow it is simple, and step by step, the massive results could be achieved. SEO Dublin

The Philosophy, Psychology, and Thinking of Successful People

A number of our ideas and beliefs are formed outside of ourselves in your home, in school, on the radio/TV, or from books. We are bombarded by the opinions of others, many of which we have handled. Being aware of this helps you to question a few of what you do and believe.

” If your inspiration for getting cash or success originates from a non-supportive root such as worry, anger, or the requirement to ‘show’ yourself, your cash will never bring you happiness.”

Cork School of Music’s Speech and Drama

CIT Cork School of Music’s Speech and Drama open day for Part-time Speech and Drama Classes
Speech and Drama is an important resource in fostering confidence, relationship, and communication skills, nurturing creativity and spontaneity.
The open day includes an information session and a showcase of offerings from the Part-time Speech and Drama courses that run at CIT Cork School of Music and will feature performances from:
·         The Beginner’s Drama Group (suitable for 5th and 6thclass students)
·         The Intermediate Drama Group (suitable for secondary students)
·         The Youth Theatre (suitable for secondary students) and
·         Individual students (individual students receive one to one tuition and can receive preparation for grade exams, a diploma exam, professional auditions and study at degree level)
Saturday, May 13, 11am-1pm, Stack Theatre
CIT Cork School of Music, Union Quay
cork drama school

Unshakeable – Financial Independence in Today’s Economy

Most People Play the Wrong Cards in the Financial Markets

The biggest reason why people struggle with their financial life is because they have no idea what they are doing. It doesn’t take a lot to educate and embrace all the possibilities to become financially independent.

Most likely the greatest mention in the book has to do with the financial advisory companies, where the majority of them are not lawfully needed to put your interests initially. Discover whatever in this short Unshakeable playbook and you will not struggle economically in the future again.

Human Mind – Simple Ways to Change Your Life and Become Wealthy

While techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) have been used successfully by professionals for some time, they have not been easy for the average person to apply. Thankfully, modern science has changed this. You can now use the best of these sciences by following a program that uses all the modern power of mind techniques.

Work from Home Business Opportunities with Forever Living

How to Live Wealthy & Healthy Life with Forever Living Products

forever living products company

Forever Living Products gives you the opportunity to grow your own business working alongside a $2.6 billion global company that has achieved consistent growth year on year for the last 33 years.

The Forever business opportunity is a 33 year proven business building method that helps you to achieve your goals and dreams by showing you how to generate an income by being honest and ethical.
It’s a home based business of your own. We help you to get on the right track from the very start, equipping you with necessary skills and training you need, or supporting you in the way you need to be supported, we help you every step of the way as we have helped thousands of people from all walks of life in over 145 countries achieve an outstanding, secure income and true financial independence as a result.

With Forever:

  • You control your income, not your boss
  • Work part-time or full-time, set your own schedule
  • Create financial independence, become debt-free
  • Become happier and healthier, eliminate stress from financial strain
  • Spend more time with family and loved ones

work from home opportunities ireland

If you started a new job tomorrow and your boss showed you to your new desk and said to you just work it out for yourself on how to do your job that would be a little strange wouldn’t it?

Well with Forever, we are so proud of the training and support that we can offer you, and you know you are in business for yourself but never by yourself! Because regardless of your age, background, experience, education, we can give you the best support and training that you need to become successful.

Forever Living Products are one of only a few Network Marketing companies in the Ireland that allow anyone to earn significantly high commission on each sale, and we are also a champion company, this means that we have been recognised at the highest level for our training and support programs. From the moment that you start your Forever business, I will be there to guide you through every step of helping you to build your business to the level that you want. I will personally coach and mentor you and plug you into Forever’s local, national and regional training days, our online training,Our range of professional literature and marketing material, plus full training and support from our world-class


So whatever area you choose to specialize in we have the best training and support to ensure that you can build a successful business

Definition of Success and Defining Outcome in Life

The kind of life you have is the life you choose. You cannot blame anyone for how your life ends up.

For instance, you can choose to live happily or miserably. It all depends on you. If you live a hectic life, that’s because you choose to be busy. No one can force a kind of life upon you, not even a superior who points a gun to your head. Every choice has its consequence.

Thus, if you choose to be healthy, live up to that choice. Be healthy. The choice will have to be followed by a decision to be disciplined.

Being disciplined means that you must exert effort to attain and maintain a healthy body. Eat right, exercise right, sleep right, and live right.

Don’t blame anyone else if you get sick. Getting sick is a choice. Some people cannot afford to be healthy because they choose not to afford it.

They can spend for something else but not for good health. To be able to prioritize good health in your budget, you have to live a simple life. Every choice entails a consequence, so you have to live up to your choices.


5 Proven Ways How to Make Money from Home

How to make money from home, if you haven’t any penny, but have computer and Internet?


Over time, the Internet for people has become not only a platform for communication, gaming, dating, but also a great opportunity to earn some money, so one of the most discussed topics in the network – “how to make money on the Internet?” Of course, there is the view that everything is fraud, however, the number of new sites is growing every day, increasing a revenue of their owners and new online professions.

Of course, it’s not money falling from the sky, but by applying some efforts to make money through the Internet is more than real.

For many people, the Internet has become a source of additional income long ago. So, let’s see the most simple ways to earn online without investment, experience, and special knowledge:

1. The monotonous routine “work” for students – clicks on links, paid surfing and reading of paid advertising messages, input of captures, etc. If you search sites that specialize in ways of earning online, you will find that the overwhelming number of them is dedicated to any nonsense. “Earning” in this way can only be a penny, and in case, if you have unlimited internet.

2. You can also make money on the Internet on registration and participation in the polls and create posts on various forums with pay-per-post. Some services pay you, so to speak, a little bit for just registration, the owners of some forums, in order to “promote” these resources pay for the fact that you are communicating on these same forums, and some corporations, sometimes, spend some specific marketing research and arrange interviews, participants are paid a very small amount for questionnaire.

3. Earn money online for free advertising texts in blogs, forums, and social networks, not difficult job (for example, filling a meaningful text sites for money).

4. Online money for file storage (filling and downloading files). File sharing – Internet service that provides a place to store the files. Sharing services are different. Some allow you to download all files without any restrictions, while others deliberately introduce various restrictions on the speed of access and convenience for the user to download files for free, offering to remove these restrictions for the money. You can earn it on the second, because they are, for the most part, paid to those who upload files on file sharing.

5. And one more option of earning online – participating in affiliate programs, and accordingly – earn from referrals. This way – simple, but not 100%. There is a huge number of affiliate networks, with which can work even new Internet user, but for earnings with other you should have some experience.

In any case, I advise you to try to earn on the Internet in a way that is closer to you!

Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Beginners

First Steps to Learn to Play the Guitar

Learning to play guitar

So you want to learn acoustic guitar for beginners, but you don’t know where to start? Confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information you’ve found on the internet? Tired of reading guitar magazines that assume you’ve been playing for twenty years when all you want to do is learn the basics?

Well, you’re in luck, because no matter what your goals are as a guitarist, you’ve found the web’s premier source for acoustic guitar lessons for BEGINNERS online!

If you’ve always wanted to play the guitar but weren’t sure how to get started, you’ve found the only resource you’ll need. No more searching the web, trying to piece together different pieces of the puzzle: we have everything you need to get started playing guitar, organized in easy to understand lessons and presented in a clear, logical manner.

On our website, you’ll find all the information you need to learn guitar, organized around five main topics. In addition to plenty of beginner guitar lessons and extensive lessons on how to learn to guitar tabs fast, you’ll also find tons of tutorials on playing acoustic guitar as well learn guitar chords for beginners, and how to learn guitar scales online.

All of these lessons are designed to help you learn as quickly and easily as possible. From your first chords to modal scales and advanced guitar techniques, our  beginner acoustic guitar lessons online will help you learn to play guitar and understand the musical theory behind your playing.

Whether you want to learn to play country, blues, rock or thrash, the basic techniques you need to learn are the same. Our courses, which combine written guitar lessons and video lessons, cover all the basics and get you playing right away. The focus is on learning to play the correct way from the start. You’ll learn the same tricks and techniques used by your favorite guitarists. In a short time, you’ll be playing along to your favorite songs.

If you’ve taken guitar lessons online before, you already know about the convenience of being able to access lessons whenever you want to, and being able to view them over and over again until you’ve mastered the content.

If this is your first encounter with online lessons, you’ll be blown away by how easy it is to get started playing and learning about your instrument. And if your only experience with beginner guitar lessons consists of paying an instructor to teach you, you’ll love the ease, flexibility, and affordability our lessons offer.

In fact, you can learn guitar online far quicker, for far less money, than through any other method. Best of all, you can focus on the areas that interest you most, without having to follow an instructor’s pre-conceived ideas about what you should learn first and what kind of songs you should learn. Our courses are designed to help you follow your dreams and reach them.

Our guitar courses are geared toward all guitar players, from beginner to advanced. Whether you play an acoustic guitar or electric, whether you’ve already started to learn to play the guitar or are picking up a guitar for the first time, you’ll find plenty to learn here.

Maybe you’ve tried reading instructional books that overwhelmed you with too much information written at too advanced a level. Maybe you’ve tried other guitar lessons online that drowned you in an overload of information.

When you’re just starting out, you don’t need a lot of fancy, advanced theory: you need to learn guitar basics so you can develop a solid foundation, and you need to understand how to learn guitar so that you can begin to teach yourself. With our acoustic guitar tips for beginners, we’ll make sure you understand the lessons each step of the way. It’s simply the easiest way to learn guitar online.

Buying Android TV Box

set-top-boxes-828550_960_720Internet TV boxes can be used for live streaming of Television shows, see the web and get catch-up TV facilities. In short, they alter your TV right into a smart TV. Currently, there are a number of internet TV boxes. They are available from Apple, Roku, and Sky. Android has joined the fray. Because of the accessibility to different streaming devices, here are a few of the standards you should think about before purchasing an Android TV box.

Things to consider

In case your interest rates are to exclusively utilize it like a Kodi box, then you’ve a great deal to select from . However, if you are considering using Netflix or Amazon Prime services your choice is going to be limited. Netflix doesn’t have lots of services streaming 4K and Amazon includes a policy that you can’t use their professional services to stream high-quality video without their hardware. Seems like a bust, which is due to the Digital Rights Management which limits content access. Therefore, Android media players require Netflix approval and also to acquire Amazon services, Google Wide vine Level 1 license for DRM 1080p OR 4K streaming. HBO Now a Microsoft Play ready license is needed too.

However, if you are considering using Netflix or Amazon Prime services your choice is going to be limited. Netflix doesn’t have lots of services streaming 4K and Amazon includes a policy that you can’t use their professional services to stream high-quality video without their hardware. Seems like a bust, which is due to the Digital Rights Management which limits content access. Therefore, Android media players require Netflix approval and also to acquire Amazon services, Google Wide vine Level 1 license for DRM 1080p OR 4K streaming. HBO Now a Microsoft Play ready license is needed too.

Play ready license is needed too.

Features to look for

When choosing an Android Tv box you will find some features that everybody should think about They’re

1. H.265 hardware decoding.
2. 1080p 3D.
3. HDMI 2.
4. Android 5.1 or Marshmallow.
5. USB 3..
6. New versions of Kodi available.
7. Dual-band Wi-Fi.

To assist in you buy the car here are a few of the very best Android TV boxes available

The NVIDIA Shield Android TV console is an of the kind. It’s well-liked by Kodi lovers. It’s all about power and storage. Roku, Fire TV, yet others haven’t much when it comes to rivaling this beast. With top-notch Tegra X1 CPU, RAM as high as 3GB and 256 core graphic processor it is unmatched. The consumer interface is smooth also it uses Android 6. Marshmallow. Its main drawback is the fact that doesn’t support Amazon Prime video and issues with the caliber of HD audio dealing with Kodi.

It’s not comparable to the NVIDIA shield but it comes down second to non-other. Her latest S905 chipset, RAM as high as 2GB and 5 core GPU. Yet another feature is 16GB of flash storage. Staying true MINIX TV boxes, it features a custom interface for user modification. It may load any app in the Google Play Store. Additionally, it features a customized Kodi version. Certainly, one of it best services is, we have an amazing support system. It main drawback is the fact that Netflix doesn’t recognize it and for that reason HD services aren’t available.
In addition to the two above, it’s also worth mentioning the WeTek Core since its because it operates on Open ELEC instead of android 5.1. Also, it supports full HD services of Netflix and HBO.

Clearly, there are many good Android TV boxes. Consequently, selection depends upon pricing and quality. It’s also essential that you consider what you need and according to these needs, pick a qualified box for you personally, In the end the customer knows best.

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The Most Important Book to Learn How to Invest

All our lives we invest into something, whether it’s a book, inexpensive dinner, or the shares of the fastest growing company on the market! (You got it, it’s Apple!) But there are critical distinction in those who invest in their better and financially secured future, and those that just invest in their struggle, barely scrapping around. Being rich or poor is a choice, so why the most of the people choose to be poor?

In this book, Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins, you’ll discover how to invest money and many realistic facts that differentiate success from failure. Tony is my favorite self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, success coach, and philanthropist, and he absolutely deserves an attention when it comes down to not just financial investment, but also building a better life full of joy and happiness where everything seems to be so easy. I strongly recommend read all of his books.

In the Money Master the Game book he talks about the strategies that are being used by some of the richest investors of all time such as Warren Buffet, Kyle Bass, Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn and more. How lucky one would be to sit down, have a coffee and talk about the core and foundational investing strategies that made so many people rich and that majority of people have no clue about.

Basically, this book will show you how to:

  • Create a guaranteed lifetime income stream that you will never outlive.
  • Reach your financial goals 30% quicker and retire up to 10 years sooner.
  • Achieve piece of mind and financial security even if you started late
  • Peer into the minds of 50 of the richest and most successful investors of all time.
  • Learn how to apply a never-before-revealed investment strategy from the world’s largest hedge fund manager that has made money even when everybody suffered from the market and economic meltdown.
  • Invest like a wealthy where you participate in the market gains but are guaranteed to never lose when the market drops.

This is in the nutshell the summary of this life-changing book. Within a few months, since the book was first time released to the public, there been already case studies and testimonials from hundreds of people, claiming that their financial situation drastically improved. Will this work for everyone? I don’t know, but the way to find out is to go ahead read the book and put the information into action.

The Success and Biggest Mistakes in Achieving Business Goals

Hello everyone!

I am back with another post to share with anyone who wishes to achieve some kind of success in life. Again, I would like to mention that these blog and video posts are here to provide some value and fill in the empty space, until we decide what we gonna really do about this website.

The success is the topic of almost everything around us. But mostly, we like to achieve success in our financial lives and relationships, but again, this info can be applied on to anything, from building your own garden and growing vegetables to become a successful actor. The repetitive training and exercise is the secret key to everything and many people seem to forget that, and are looking for some quick and easy financial freedom formula or give up on the first attempt to change something in their life.

Changing the thinking is the first step, because that is what shape our lives the most and we do not even realize that. Also changing the daily habits and start doing what we do not want to do. Willing to go another mile, do the things that other wouldn’t be willing to do and combine the good intentions with a great marketing strategy. The Rome wasn’t build in a day either, so obviously this takes some time and effort, but in the end of the day, it’s very rewarding.