Cork School of Music’s Speech and Drama

CIT Cork School of Music’s Speech and Drama open day for Part-time Speech and Drama Classes
Speech and Drama is an important resource in fostering confidence, relationship, and communication skills, nurturing creativity and spontaneity.
The open day includes an information session and a showcase of offerings from the Part-time Speech and Drama courses that run at CIT Cork School of Music and will feature performances from:
·         The Beginner’s Drama Group (suitable for 5th and 6thclass students)
·         The Intermediate Drama Group (suitable for secondary students)
·         The Youth Theatre (suitable for secondary students) and
·         Individual students (individual students receive one to one tuition and can receive preparation for grade exams, a diploma exam, professional auditions and study at degree level)
Saturday, May 13, 11am-1pm, Stack Theatre
CIT Cork School of Music, Union Quay
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